Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yummy in my Tummy

My sweet friend, Dorothy, showed up on my doorstep with a beautiful and oh so delicious cake on Sunday afternoon. Just a few days earlier we had been talking about how our mothers use to make us a red velvet cake for our birthdays. On some birthdays there would be a doll standing in the middle and the cake was rounded like a southern girl's dress. Hopefully, I will run across a photo to share with you of one of these special cakes I had when I was growing up. My birthday is very close to Christmas, so I am quite impressed my mother was able to make sure I had a cake during that busy time of the year. Since I turn the big 5-0 this year it is only fitting this token of love will officially start my celebration of the fabulous and fantastic fifty years God has blessed me with. Thanks Dorothy!

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