Friday, December 25, 2009

A Few festive birdies

Merry Christmas!
It wouldn't be right not to decorate with a few birds during the holidays.
A couple of lovebirds adorn the top of the small tree at the table for the grandkids.

Another bird is resting on a berry wreath nearby.

I placed some birds on one of my natural trees so when the lights twinkle each bird lights up. My Dear Hubby did his "eyeroll" at me when I showed him what I had done...

Molly gave me the idea for the ornaments hanging on plates.
Bird plates of course!

I thought this would be most fitting since it is the first Christmas without my mother.

The family celebrated Christmas at my Dad's lakehouse along with good food, good fun and most important a good Faith. Even the unusual blizzard could not keep us apart. We missed my mother, but all 0f the Holiday memories she gave us over the years were there for us to have, always...

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