Monday, January 4, 2010

Dreamy Creamy in 2010

It all started with this rusty garden cart.
On our way to Abilene for Christmas we stopped at the Lone Star Antique Mall in Fort Worth.
You know the rule: If there is a good store within 50 miles of your final destination - you must detour!
My Dear Hubby and I browsed around and bought this cart. We would have to pick it up on our way back home though because our car was too full with Christmas presents (and dog).
I thought that was a sly plan on my part...
There are some great dealers in this mall and it really turned our car conversation to my antique business. Sales have been good. Really good. I have needed to expand for several months, but could not figure out where the best place was for more Ella Elaine.

I called the manager of the Antique Mall that I am already in . She said there was a booth available. I committed on the phone to rent this space as we drove down the highway.
This is before.

(Leftovers are from the previous dealer. Except the fireplace mantel. I bought that to stay in my booth.)

I have been so inspired by stores and spaces over the last few months.
Below are a few pics from the Lone Star Antique Mall.

The Shabby Y booth.

Bountiful's booth. I could just crawl in that bed and never get up!

This photo and the next two are from Dream in Cream's booth.

Okay, it takes some imagination and work to get from the blank walls of my empty booth to the dreamy creamy look I am seeking.
I will be a busy gal the next few days!!

I am keeping my original space too, so make sure and come visit...


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I love both of their booths, Tiina and Felicia's, always very inspiring! Wish I were closer to come out to your booth and Lonestars. Have a great week, T

bunnytrails said...

Hey Nancy! Can't wait to see what your new booth looks like...I know it will be wonderful, tho!

Hayley said...

You've totally got me wanting to make another trip to TX! I wonder if it's any warmer there than up here? We are freezing. I know the shopping would be worth braving any temperatures, since it was over 100 when I was in McKinney over the summer! Your new booth will be even lovelier than your first. Best wishes for a happy Twenty-Ten.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

So glad sales have been good, can't wait to see the metamorphosis of your new space!
Blessings for the new year!