Monday, January 11, 2010

I have decided that my next post will be about the most inspiring places I visited in 2009. I have had the most incredible year and would like to share it with everyone. It is going to take some digging in my picture files, but I hope to get it all together soon!
( I really do wish I could get my act together...)

McKinney Trade days ~ Fall 2009


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

What a great post. I'll keep watching for more.

Susan S. said...

Oh cool.....never heard of McKinney Trade Days...seems like I'm missing out!

Happy New Year from Houston, TX!

Roxanne said...

Miss you and hope to see you soon. Love the picture and "snow"! There is snow, right?

winstonbot said...

hey, I was in town this weekend and mckinsey took me to a wonderful shop..old downtown plano, 15 street east of 75..called My favorite gotta go...

Barbara Jean said...

Wonderful blog.

I have strolled all he way to here.

Arm falling off so time for a break.

barbara jean