Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello there.
Whew! What a whirlwind life can be... it is a busy time of year.
I finally have a little time to post about my Denver get away that My Dear Hubby and I took at the first of May.
He had business there, but we timed the trip so we could go to the monthly
Paris Street Market in Littleton.

I met up with Karen ( from my Jeane d' Arc Living post).
We had such a good time shopping and chatting.
Karen introduced me to Robin who is a very talented and creative decoupage artist.
I had admired her work last year when we visited the PSM in August.
Hop on over and visit her gorgeous website and her Etsy store.

Robin and Karen in front of some of Robin's beautiful work.

These grates were so pretty against the clear sky. Even though the day started at 32 degrees and I had not taken a warm enough jacket, the sun warmed me up as the day passed.

Birdcage stop...

I studied these shelves for a long time trying to figure out how I would get them back home.
The color was soooo delicious. I decided they wouldn't pass as a carry on.
Oh, well...

We left the PSM and headed over to downtown Littleton. We could have spent the rest of the day there just puttering around, but we hit a few highlights instead.
Our (mine anyway) favorite stop was at the Pink Attic. You get a pretty good hint from the outside what to expect when you walk through the door.

The sign in the window should say,
"Warning - Whimsy ahead!"

A few of these clock faces found their way home to Texas.

It is always good to see what is popular at home is even popular elsewhere.

There is some kind of unspoken bond there.

MDH had to spend a couple of days with business clients, so I spent that time over at the Park Meadows Mall. I meandered around and found the most wonderful store out in the Vista section. It was a beautiful day with a
" Mountain spring" running and the fresh air. Oh, I guess I forgot the gale force winds. Never mind the hair do... I should be accustomed to tossled hair being a
West Texas gal.
I always say that's why women in Texas have big hair!
Anyway, the name of the store is Cali and Mo.

A tasteful mix of old and new.

I spy a birdie!

I loved, loved, loved the huge wall hangings on the wall.

Alison said she was inspired to make the wall art after a trip to Las Vegas where she saw some type of similar hanging. I went to Vegas a couple of years ago and I don't remember seeing anything this cool there. Alison and I visited like we had known each other for years. I think we could have talked all day. I have said it before and I will say it again,
Friends are the best!

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