Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love Birds

My sister- n- law asked me to help her decorate for her oldest son's Wedding Rehearsal dinner. Well, I must tell you I was thrilled when she told me she wanted to do a BIRD theme. Music to my ears...
She came over and "shopped" at my house, picking only the bestest birdies for the occasion.
The church classroom became a lovebird sanctuary. A nest here, a birdcage there, here a bird, there a bird, everywhere a bird bird. Ole MacElla had a....
Sorry, I was getting carried away!

I found the tall candles at the Dollar Store and covered them with old sheet music paper. Then I found some more old paper and stamped words like love, forever, together and adore on them with my antique stamp set. We couldn't light the candles, so I bought battery flickering tealights and sat them in the top. Nobody knew we were practicing fire safety as we ate dinner. ( And a yummy meal we had. Catered food from Blue Mesa Grill , homemade guacamole by the Groom's parents,homemade cheesecake and Italian Creme Cake by the Groom's paternal grandmother and homemade salsa by the Groom's maternal grandparents.)
Now that was a great combo if my tummy has a vote!!

Brian and Aubrey make a fine pair of lovebirds, don't you think?

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Angela said...

It looked fabulous!! Best wishes to the happy couple.