Friday, February 4, 2011

What's a Girl Gonna Do?

Super Snow. Super Bowl. Super boring.
What did I find to do around the house the four days (in a row) I stayed home?
Well, I
1. Starting to declutter the house to get it ready to put on the market. Fun.
2. Watched HGTV.
3.Browsed my favorite blogs.
4. Found new favorite blogs.
5. Worked on my blogs.
6. Priced items to put in my booths.
7. Watched HGTV - again
8. Organized the photo boxes.
9. Cooked
10. Ate

Now, I warned you it was boring.

This is what we woke up to this morning. Underneath this pretty snow is a thick layer of ice that has been on the ground since Tuesday.

The Dallas Metroplex was hit hard. We are not used to this kind of weather.
Don't call us wimps.

Last Saturday it was 70 degrees. Just call us a little spoiled.

Snow plows that are rarely used are not exactly something the taxpayers want to pay for. We just don't get this kind of problem very often. I guess the Super Bowl should have been last week. The media would have been singing a better tune about us.

Anyway, I will jump down off of my soapbox and tell you about some of the new blogs I discovered. Who knew there was another family of bloggers out there I didn't know about. This would be what I am calling the Neatniks. They post about cleaning out closets, the pantry and junk drawers.
I was inspired to clean my pantry.
I learned you have to take everything out first. This can be a little disturbing when you discover you have spices from the 1980's you haven't used yet.
Not really, it was the 1990's...

I was starting to wonder how it all fit in there.

There, I have one section done! I wanted it to be so much cuter, but I couldn't get out of the house to go shopping for new baskets, liner and whatever it takes to motivate me to organize.
I will finish - tomorrow....

Find some Neatniks at:
Beneath My Heart (has more links...)
{Show & Tell}
Decor Chick
7294 Cottage Way

Have fun!


Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

This weather is just super crazy! I have been doing the declutter and clean out the closet thing too! Stay warm. Hopefully we can get out tomorrow!

Nene said...

We are here also Nancy. We have been stuck in with Cabin Fever since Tues. Is in it just so lovely? We just moved here three months ago from California. You truly see this up in the Foot Hill and Sierra's. Hope you stay Warm. The Sun is slowly coming again. Hope you swing by to say Hi. I have saved your blog too. Enjoy your Saturday and Weekend. God Bless. Nene

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Sometimes it's good to be stuck allows us to clean and 'declutter'. So your spices look good...but are they in alphabetical order? I actually know ladies who do that (I don't think I'll ever be that ambitious!) Take care and enjoy the 'down time'.

bunnytrails said...

I'm cracking up at your post. The snow was fun for about 2 days. All I did was cook,eat,clean up the kitcken,watch TV....and start all over again. Mark and I went to the Country Club for breakfast this morning and then to Target. We saw lots of friends at Target and everyone was so excited to be there. Snow is in the forecast for us, again, tonight. Hope you can be at SPQOH this THursday!!

Laura said...

I have periodically visited some of the Neatniks' blogs (I love that name!).

What happens next is probably not very productive: I read about their organizing while only 'thinking' about mine!

Sometimes I wonder if my computer is sucking my get with it nature out of me???
Is that too much information?

Now I am inspired to organize.

Enjoyed visiting-

White Spray Paint
(another Texas blogger)

Stephanie said...

Hi Nancy. I went to the mall to shop Theresa's space recently and I discovered your space as well - so many GREAT things! I've added your blog to my blog list too.