Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bath Crashers

Mr. Ella and I felt like we were on the TV show Bath Crashers when we decided to redecorate the public bathroom at the Antique Company Mall.

We swooped in Sunday night and within four hours we had a fresh new look.

A little paint, fabric and character go a long way in a small room.


Need I say more?

The paint color is called Elephant Skin from Behr. I applied a lime solution to the boring oak mirror frame to give it some instant age. The curtains are "made" from scrim or linen mesh. No sewing required. Just some sloppy scissor cutting with keys tied with twine. (I saw the key idea at Judy Hill's home sale along with the flower too.)

Before photo. Lovely isn't it? I must admit I use to love mauve. I even had a house with rose colored carpet. Yep, and I was mighty proud of my choice!

The sap bucket hanging on the shutter is for extra the T.P.

Next time you are in McKinney, stop by and visit the new and improved Powder Room!!


Stephanie said...

GREAT job - much better! Love the keys on the curtain!

Texas Junque Slinger said...

Wonderful job!!! I think anyone would let you crash their bath or any other room in their home.

Great use of treasures!!!!


Passionate for White said...

You're going to have customers wanting to buy items from your powder room decor for sure!

Ido said...

Wow! it turned out great, I wish I could see that kind of bathrooms in some some stores here.

trash talk said...

You may have to dynamite folks out of that cute room!
Just make sure they don't try to homestead it!

Erica said...

Love the keys on the curtain! Wonderful!

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Margo said...

Love what you did. Can you send me a larger pic of the sap bucket tp holder. I have one on etsy and would love to use this as an "idea" if you'd let me.


Peggy and Elizabeth said...

I was up at ACM today "fluffin'" our booth and snuck upstairs to see the new look. Great job! That was greatly needed!

Eileen @ Marie CasaBella said...

Hooray! Thanks for a much needed update on the bathroom scene.