Friday, March 8, 2013

Ella Elaine products are now at ACM!

The last couple of weeks have been filled with the fun of unpacking
my greatly anticipated product line. I have given it all the Ella touch by mixing the old with the new.
All of my designs were inspired from elements that I have gathered over the years.
I have used old light parts, hardware, jello molds and just about anything that I think could give new life and purpose.

This clock artwork was from a 1909 ledger from Kansas.
The design of the clock face was from an old radio.
I have been making my word signs for years out of hinges and other hardware. These were based
on some of my favorites. I have had many try to copy this idea, but I always hear back that it is much harder to find all the right pieces than  they thought!
I love how the boxes turned out. The flower design was based on old Christmas tree reflectors, light fixture pieces and tart tins. The banding idea was from metal strips that are on those ugly bug catcher lights that hang on bedroom ceilings. Who knew some beauty could come from such an eyesore!
This magnetic board looks like a bulletin board, but I had burlap placed over the metal to give it a warmer look.
I will be adding more goodies....
Check back soon!

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they are really nice