My Dream Living Room

My Dream Living Room

In the old days the living room was called a parlor. 
A formal, perfect, don't touch anything kind of room. 
Thankfully, today we use our living rooms, well, to live in. 
A place to relax, entertain and share cherished moments with our loved ones.
I have gathered a few of my products along with Arhaus and others 
in what I would consider my go to cozy retreat.

Vintage inspired crates are not only a spot to hold a lamp or magazines, but the top is a removable tray which is perfect for those extra blankets or pillows. 
Every space needs a bit of character and this lamp is just "down right" fun with the branches and rectangle metal shade.

Reclaim. Repurpose. Redefine
 perfectly done

Simply romantic

 I picked this floor lamp to keep the room fresh with a touch of  nature and "now".
Remington Sofa by Arhaus

Comfy, gorgeous, modern and traditional all in one sitting!

Bringing the outdoor in is a must in my decorating world. 
This coffee table is the best combo of textures ever!


Ferry Ivory/Blue Area Rug

I am not much of a rule follower, but Interior Design 101 teaches to start with the floor and build your way up. 
One rule I try not to break. 
A pretty rug as a foundation is a fail proof way to make a room easily come together.

I like to have a neutral palette for the furniture. 
That allows me to add color with accessories and  change the look as often as my moods do...

         Plaid Pillow 

               Wilmie Plaid Pillow

Ella Elaine Frosted Glass Jars

Aqua and blue are my new "bestest" color duo.
That is where I find my happy place.

      Ella Elaine Wall or Table Chargers
This set is probably one of my all time favorite products I have designed up to this point. Each one can be hung on the wall or used as a tray. The brass edging with the galvanized metal are the perfect touch, if I say so myself !

I must admit that old unpainted ship lap calms my soul and gives me that sense of home I crave when I am tired or simply need a place to slow down. 
Love, love, love.

Another nod to the days of the past, no winding required!

Putting my dream room together was a joy.
Go on now, find your unique style!

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JessicaB. said...

I love the rustic look in your dream living room. It gives off such a homey feel and I think that the blue and plaid really pop. I just got my dream living room done by a furnishing service called Furnishr ( and I think you would be inspired by some of their designs!