Monday, July 21, 2014

Ella Elaine and HGTV's Flipping the Block


            FUN!!  Mr. Ella and I were watching the new show Flipping the Block on HGTV, when I spotted my Ella Elaine Mirror. 
My family had been warned that they would hear me yell the first time I saw one of my products on TV.
Okay, so I did squeal, pushed the pause button, jumped up from my chair and started taking photos of the screen. 
Mr. Ella  thought I had really lost my mind this time for sure.

Amanda and Curtis of the Silver Team used the mirror in a bedroom redo with a relaxing and romantic theme.
Love the color palette they chose.

I also noticed my EE mirror during the intro to the show. 
It must be in an upcoming episode:)
I am on the edge of my seat now!!   Ella Elaine Mirror- Retail

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where does EE shop?

My pockets would be overflowing if I had a nickel for every time people asked me where I buy my inventory.
My answer is always the same, " Wherever I am...". 

Mr. Ella and I travel quite often for business reasons managing to fill our suitcases and vehicles with goods from every trip. 
We scout out junk stores, antique malls and flea markets every chance we get. 
We often trample across chigger rich fields, 
smelly stores, places that are blazin' hot in the Summer and freezing cold in the Winter. 
Packing our finds is like the grand finale of each trip, whether we are pulling a trailer or getting on an airplane.
Although, going through the airport security (metal detector) with silver pieces can be a little trying at times...
Sometimes I have a hard time letting go of anything aqua.  
My love for this refreshing color stems from my go-to 
Crayon colors as a child - Midnight Blue and Aquamarine. 

The only way I can sell any birds is that they all go to good 
bird-loving homes!
Architectural elements are getting more difficult to find and I snatch them every chance I get. 
Letters have been trending for several years.
 Expect to see new and creative ways to keep this popular for a long time to come.
Hope to see ya at The Antique Company Mall soon!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Traveling through Ella's Eyes

Mr. Ella and I have just enjoyed a wonderful trip that we will never forget.
We were awed by the history of the countries we visited and have tons of photos of ancient pillars, aqua ducts, temple ruins and more. 
These are what one thinks of when planning a tour of
the Holy Land (Israel) and Athens, Greece.
However, Ella's eyes seek out the old mingled in with the current.
Below are just a few photos that bring a smile to my face.
Travel along with me...
Our first stop was an unexpected long layover in Germany due to missing our connecting flight.
 (Not our fault.)
We used the time to take a train into Munich.
This was after traveling all night. I am not sure where our energy came from...
Little did we know that we would not sleep that night either and our luggage stayed in Germany as we went on to Tel Aviv.
Not good.
We would not meet up with our luggage until the fourth day of the journey.
Not fun.
We found an Antique Store, although everything is closed on Sundays. A local told us, "Just like in the U.S."
 Apparently this person has not been to the States since the 1980's.
The next photos are a mix of Israel and Greece. 
Such character around every corner.

I would go back in a heartbeat, even in stinky, dirty clothes...

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Summer Shopping

Stop by  The Antique Company Mall for your Summertime shopping. 
Open 7 days a week!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Freshness

Vintage wallpaper, player piano paper and recycled cardboard are a few ways I chose to bring Spring freshness to my booth at ACM.
I decided to go for it and use all of my favorite patterns. 
Each one puts an instant smile on my face.
Oh, and of course, it wouldn't be Spring without a few new birds!