Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pretty Papers

Take some pretty papers and mix them with a good dose of creative imagination and here is what you get...

I thought I would share a few photos to help inspire you . I have found these while cruising the web.

(I think I've gone a little bird crazy. I really do like other things too.)

My birthday is in December...

Show up to a meeting with one of these notebooks. You will get noticed.

B -22 BINGO!!

Now get creating!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gotta Get It!

I just bought the latest Somerset Magazine and didn't even get past the first page before I was glad I had spent the hefty price for this publication. (Of course I did use my 40% coupon at Michaels. But, at $14.99 that still is a chunk of change even with a discount.) So, on the first page is an article about an upcoming quarterly magazine from the authors of Where Women Create.

Featured Artists will include some of my favorite artists.
Sally Jean Alexander ~ Sally Jean
Marcia Ceppos ~ Tinsel Trading Company
Jenny Doh ~ Stampington & Company
Kaari Meng ~ The French General
Jill Schwartz ~ Elements
and more...

"Extraordinary women who pay attention to the details of their work spaces...making sure that they surround themselves with visually stimulating inspiration and unique organizational systems. Where Women Create magazine invites you into the creative spaces of the most extraordinary women of our time. Through stunning photography and inspirational stories, each issue of this quarterly magazine will nourish souls and motivate creative processes. "

Gotta Get It!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Flea Market

I decided to start a line of stickers one day after searching all over town for the perfect stickers to put on the seal of 30 invitations I needed to have sent out the day before. I bought some so-so ones and reluctantly sent them on their way. Determined to come up with something much cuter, I came up with one inch stickers created from vintage and hand selected papers.

This set is made from wallpaper. The texture and richness of the colors makes them my favorite set.

See how much better the envelope looks dressed for travel?

Oh, did I say the first set was my favorite? I think this one is now! This set is made from deep brown flocked paper with a luscious green background.

If you would like to order any stickers I will have them on my website soon. Need them before then? Email me at Nancy@ellaelaine.com and I will find a way for you to get them. I have many other patterns. I just didn't have time to snap any photos of those and get them loaded to my blog.

One dozen stickers~$3.50.