Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wondrous Whirlwind trip to Warrenton

My dear Hubby and I just returned from a wonderful trip to the Warrenton/Roundtop antique show. I try to go every year and I am always amazed at all the stuff.
The bluebonnets were at their finest and we ooed and awed around every bend in the road.

Curious Goods from Malakoff, Texas had to be my favorite booth of all.
Donna is so nice and talented. She gets it. She knows how to "quirk stuff up".
If you don't know what I mean, too bad. You are missing out on a whole other part of life.

My photos are a little dark because we had storms most of the time we were there.
Galoshes were a fashion must!

These ladies traveled in Diva style...

Forgive me for not keeping up with the name of the vendors where I took photos of their creative displays. It all gets to be very overwhelming.

I just remember this was in a big tent near Zapp Hall.

Texas Rose was up the road from Warrenton in a field with some great vendors.

Fun, fun.

MDH found this pie safe for us to put in our bedroom with the flat screen TV in it.
With the help of two other men we managed to fit it in my SUV, barely!

Of course, you could even find the kitchen sink.
I you decide to go, my advice is to check the weather forecast closely and take a variety of clothes.
Texas weather can have four seasons in one day.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where Ella Creates

I have been working on organizing my studio for the two years I have been in this house. It is created from a tandem garage. My dear hubby (MDH) built a temporary wall with a door for access. The builder put a vent in this area, so I have heat and cooling!

I found an old door for $5.00
and it sat in the garage for months before I was at the point to have MDH make a work table with clear Plexiglas on top. I didn't have him fasten it to the door because I want to be able to slip bits and pieces in the door panels to see and enjoy while I am working.

I always want to see inside everyone's drawers or closets.

Door Knob Bob would be proud of this collection...

I love these wire baskets. I can pull them out and sit them on the table as needed.

I have a whole wall full of boxes and bins. If there is not a label on it, it is empty and ready to be filled.

Below the shelves of boxes and bins are two tall rolling wire cabinets.

Included in these baskets are items to be priced or repurposed.

I needed a place to corral my architectural pieces, so I turned an old bench upside down.

(The bench was made by MDH from old shutters that had been on our old house built in 1940 by my third grade teacher and her husband. We lived there from 1997-2003.)

Here is another work table that I keep my small Ella-ments in magnetic containers. I have two metal topped tables these stick on while I am working. This keeps me from knocking tiny beads on the floor ...

I bought this sign from Roxanne at the Quaint Market last Fall. Guess what? We are going to have the Market again this next October!!! Mark your calendars.

Remember my shabby chic shelf I bought a few months ago? It is now on the wall and I am having the best time filling each little cubby.

Between the jars I had and Ikea, it is turning out to store a ton of tiny Ella embellishments.

You probably didn't notice there was a whole wall NOT pictured in this post. I am still getting it ready for a photo shoot. Meanwhile, I need to get creating...