Monday, October 26, 2009

So, how do you get from this.....

(Old plow gears, cool looking chains, a garden trellis, a huge bird cage and anything rusty I could get my hands on, plus it rattled all the way from Dallas to Abilene !! )

To this????

Well, it takes many sleep deprived nights, a ton of good old hard work, a few (many) cans of clear spray and a little imagination.
For the center piece I placed the chains around the round metal thing-a-ma-jig placed on top of a round piece of plexiglass covered with my favorite burlap. I then sat that on some small paint cans to give it some lift and added another metal thing-a-ma-jig on the table. Adding moss I had gathered off the trees in Houston and wasp nests my family and friends collected for me I quickly had a natural rustic theme going.
When I see rusty pipes, planter plates and what others call junk, my mind sees display stands, letters or candle holders. Brandy called my repurposed farm implements " Rustiques".
I like the sound of that.

I had traveled to my home town for this show in Abilene where my family lives. I was trying to explain to my dad what all I was selling and showed him some photos of my signs. He didn't say much. I just figured he thought I had been sniffing a little too much glue.

The next morning I was in a mad dash to get out the door for the sale and caught a glimpse of my dad's creation he had put out for me. I instantly had a smile on my face, and started my otherwise stressful day with a skip in my step.

Thanks, Dad!

Jo Carol had made these wonderful bingo greeting cards. She is so clever with her cute messages just fitting each card's theme.

Jo Carol's chick magnets.

Mary's handpainted magnets and Jo Carol 's clear magnets were selling like hotcakes!

Molly B. makes the most beautiful pillows.
I am glad somebody enjoys sewing, because it is not for me.

Brandy had the bestest looking goods.

Glass glitter makes everything merry and bright!!

Roxanne made these fabulous lavender sachets. I just had to have one...

You can find Roxanne's shutter signs now in my booth in McKinney. We were hanging around after the show and decided to do a little bit of trading.

Creative friends are the best!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quaint Market

I know I promised more photos of the Quaint Market last week, but I simply do not have any spare time right now. Here are a few peeks at what a treat the show was...

Roxanne's fun sign.

Rachel's nests.

Jo Carol's stunning nest charms. (Yes, she made these.)

Brandy's baby pumpkins.

One of Molly's creative pillows.

I will post many more pics as soon as time allows.
Keep checking back...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Here is a quick look of my space at the Quaint Market. I am off to a Church Retreat, so I will get some more pics posted early next week. It was a great sale and Ella did good !