Monday, April 26, 2010

Jean d' Arc Living

(all the photos except the last one are courtesy of Jean d' Arc Living Magazine)

Good chances are if you live in the United States you haven't heard of the magazine Jean d' Arc Living. I was introduced to this amazingly beautiful magazine while I was shopping in Teresa's booth in Warrenton. She had a copy sitting on her check out table. Another customer noticed it about the same time I did and we immediately began to quiz Teresa about where to find it. Never mind it was all in a foreign language.(They do publish an English version) I think that made us want it even more.

Okay, so here is how we went about to find it....

Teresa told my new friend and I that a lady from Colorado had been by earlier and sold it to her. No offense Teresa, but that wasn't much help. My new friend and I decided we were going to have to get just a smidge more details.

We turned to Teresa and she said the lady had a cart with a cardboard box. We looked in every direction and saw women with carts with every glance. We needed more clues. Then we found out she was wearing black. So, now we had

A lady from Colorado, pulling a cart with a cardboard box , and she was wearing black.
Enjoy the photos from the two latest issues while I tell the unfolding of the hunt.

My new friend and I starting thumbing through the magazine as Teresa explained it wasn't easy to find the magazine to buy in the U.S.
This of course made us want it even more.

Teresa then remembered she had sent the lady over to another vendor across the way to see if she was interested in buying a magazine. She hardly had her finger up to point the way when we scurried off to see if we could find out more magazine info.

We were in luck. The other vendor had written down the name and cell phone number of the Lady.

The lady from Colorado, pulling a cart, with a cardboard box, wearing black, with a cell phone and Karen was her name!

Yoo hoo! My new friend pulled out her cell phone and called Karen. We couldn't believe it, she was just around the corner and would meet us in a few minutes.

So after a short wait she rounded the corner to our great delight.

As you Scroll down to meet the Lady, enjoy the fabulous photos.

Ta da! Here she is...

Karen was such a delight to meet. She has a bubbly and friendly personality. I felt she was an instant friend. If you would like to get your hands on one of these marvelous magazines you can email her at The next issue is due out May 28th. Karen just needs about three weeks notice so she will order enough magazines for everyone.

You will enjoy it, I guarantee!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I thought I would throw a few pictures in to let you all know I am alive and kicking. I have been working on my last post about Warrenton, but have had a few technical problems getting it going... So, I will entertain you in the meantime with some more photos of my ever changing booths.

I bought these fan blade covers in Warrenton and immediately envisioned them as a cool wall display.

My friend Jo Carol made the faith hope and love signs from really old doilies that came from an estate sale in Abilene. I thought it only appropriate they were paired with Sunday purses.

Until next time,

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Distinct Displays

Here are a few pics of the displays I saw down at the Warrenton/Roundtop show. This old cotton gin is a perfect backdrop for the repurposed architectural salvage.

The inner artist in me kept being pulled towards these well used art palettes until I finally just took a picture.

Sweet Theresa of Garden Antqs Vintage. She is always so calm and easy going. I caught her early in the show while she was still setting up. I would have been running around going crazy if it was me...

Her talent for creating eye catching displays was very evident in every glance.

I love the ribbon rolls.

Theresa has posted more photos on her blog. Go check them out...

On to Clutter. I couldn't wait until they opened on Saturday. I feel like their style is a great predictor of what will be popular next.

Don't know what to do with all the pretty bark cloth pieces you have collected? Staple them to boards and make an incredible wall statement .

Clutter groups most of their displays by color themes.

My favorite decorating Ella-ment , songbook pages.

More Clutter.

I thought this photo was kind of funny. I didn't notice my reflection in the mirror until I put it on my computer. I will pay a little more attention next time I take a picture in front of a mirror.

(Taken at Theresa's.)

Well, I hope you enjoyed a little taste of my trip. I will have one more post about something pretty cool I stumbled on while there... You will just have to wait and see.