Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hi! I am again feeling the need to entertain you with some photos of one of my booths while I work on a long post about my recent trip to Denver. These are pics of my corner booth. Sales have been better than good, so I spend most of my time picking, pricing and putting. Picking is the fun part, and putting is too, but pricing on the other hand is not exactly exciting.

I found the drop leaf table in the corner at Canton. I am guessing many people just walked right past it, because it needed some help, and I don't just mean a little... Luckily for me, My Dear Hubby is Mr. Handy Dandy and brought it back to life.

I think the hangers over the fireplace were used to hang heavy coats.(?) They have springs on the bottom part. I just thought they would look kind of quirky on the wall.

I sold some of my funnel lights to a couple who is opening a restaurant in Van Alstyne, Tx. They came through the antique mall one day and bought some of the coolest stuff to decorate with. I think they are opening in June.

My newest cubby cabinet was a great, great find at Canton. I priced it, but changed my mind the next day and then put a NFS tag on it. Maybe one day it can be bought for a price, or maybe it will come back home with me...
Well, I am off to exercise on my Wii and clean out my workroom so I can start pricing- my favorite thing to do!
Have a blessed week,