Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some of my Round Top finds

Everyone keeps asking us what we bought at Round Top.
It all seems to be a blur to me right now...

The Tahoe was full by the end of first day shopping at Round Top. We located a trailer to rent, and went on our merry way of fine junk hunting.
We made it home a few days later only to realize we couldn't unload it in the garage like we normally do because our house is on the market. Fortunately we have a storage unit we rented for the "de-cluttering" you have to go through to get a house ready to put it up for sale. We seem to be filling it up at a quick pace.

We brought home some neat tables, carts, baskets and whatever we thought would make the look we have in mind. These are only pictures of the larger items.
We had some plastic bins full of smalls.

The giant springs are actually from an industrial vacuum system.

Mr. Ella is sweeping out the trailer at the end of a tiring day. He had to catch a plane to Midland a couple of hours later. I am sure he was exhausted.

I seem to have a weakness for anything round.

See what I mean?

Monday, March 28, 2011

I left you a few things at Roundtop...

Mr. Ella and I just came back from the Roundtop/Warrenton antique show. We had a great time and bought some good stuff. Don't worry, we left plenty behind for all of you.

We left some pretty doors...

some baskets...

and some bins for you to dig through.
(Miles and miles of digging!!)

The road awaits you!
I will be sharing more photos soon...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

ACM Bloggers

Antique Company Mall has a few dealers who are also bloggers. Blogging is a wonderful tool for bringing in customers and developing relationships with them. I started my blog a few years ago and it sat there for 6 months before I finally pushed myself to really dive in. Once I did I wondered why I had waited so long.
Cindy at Junque Art.

Valerie at Bread & Butter.

Peggy and Elizabeth at Booth 58.

...And the newest kid on the block is none other than

Friday, March 4, 2011

Gracefully Aged

I have had so many readers ask me about the house I featered on my Winter blog banner. This is the "River House" in Minnesota and is in the book Celebrating Home - Seasons of Cannon Falls. The house was built in 1868 and was moved and restored in 2002.

Mr. Ella and I found a few of our own River Houses right here in Texas.

We recently wandered around Navasota oohing, aahing and dreaming.

The porch on my new old house, Romantic Prairie ,will look similar to this.

Another jewel that has aged with grace ( and lots of character).