Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No matter what

I just realized in the middle of packing a zillion boxes that today was May 25th. Mr. Ella proposed to me on this date 31 years ago. We had driven from Abilene down to Morgan's Point where we ate at the Captain's Table Restaurant.

( It is no longer there which makes me feel old!)

We were over looking Belton Lake with a beautiful sunset when he popped the big question.

No ring, yet. That came in August. After all, we both were poor college students. Determined to live on Love. Hmm, that is a little harder than the fairy tale books.... We officially tied the knot in December that same year, 1980. I would include some photos, but they are packed and honestly the styles then were just plain ugly.

I saw this sign at a friend's house and it pretty much sums up how to make a marriage work!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Have you seen it?

I have a mystery on my hands. I am missing the three tiered white stand on top of the table in the above photo. This is not the first thing to grow legs and wander off from my booth, but it isn't exactly something a kleptomaniac could stick in their purse. Occasionlly (often) shoppers pick up items and then sit them down elsewhere. Sometimes the item sold and it gets put on another vendor's sales.

I know all of my readers do not live where they can shop in McKinney, but if you do and know anything, please let me know. It disappeared between Wednesday, May 18 and Saturday, May 21st. If you know the where abouts of the stand, please let me know!

P.S. The cool table the subject is sitting on sold!! Yoo Hoo!

Friday, May 20, 2011

On the Move Again

You all will have to excuse my absence from blogworld lately. Mr. Ella and I have sold our house and are moving to a rent house until our wonderful old home is finished in McKinney.

We have been extra busy, but blessed that everything we prayed for is falling into place.

God is indeed good.

Now I am off to packing!!

Visit our work in progress at Romantic Prairie.