Monday, September 26, 2011

Round Top & Warrenton

 Mr. Ella and I just came back from Antique Week in the Round Top area. We mainly shop the fields in Warrenton when we are there.You just never know what you will find .  I was taking a short cut between some buildings when I spotted these cute blue chairs. They didn't come home with me though.

 We stopped by Theresa's booth by Zapp Hall. She always does such and awesome job with her displays.
We had a good visit and caught up with all the latest news in the antiquing world.
 These metal shelves did come home with us. They are really cool because they fold up. (We had just bought some other wonderful metal shelves and they wouldn't fit in our trailer, so we had to get our money back...)
 I loved the industrial twist on this farm table and wanted it sooo bad. Mr. Ella didn't.
 He like this more traditional one. He promised to build me a table.
It will  be the best.
 We were hunting for a mantle to put in our Romantic Prairie home. We loved this tall one with a mirror, but after thinking about it, I decided it would limit my seasonal decorating.
 I liked this one, but it was just okay.
 This one caught my eye, but it still was not the one. 
Notice the pink bucket of water and the brown grass?
If you wanted to smoke a cigarette, you either had to be near a bucket of water or have a cup/bottle of water in your hand at the same time. It was so HOT and DRY there.
This is THE ONE. It has just enough carved details for our house. It came from a home in New Orleans. With a lot of TLC it will be spiffied up and enjoy a life in Texas.

If you are going to Antique Week I suggest you take a hat, sunscreen , light clothing and a smile!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bring your treat bags to HOMESTEAD'S Fall Antique Fair in 
Hico, Texas to be held on October 28-29 (Fri--10-6 and Sat--10-5).
 (ad courtesy of Homestead Antiques)

Mr. Ella and I will be set up at this fabulous sale. A little hint of what we will bring for the show is that the creative side of my brain has been working overtime!
More details to follow soon...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where, What & Why

Where have I been, what have I been doing, and why have I not posted about it all? I don't know! It could be that I can't seem to take time to land long enough to put it all on my blog.
I think I needed a kick-start of inspiration. 
I found that in West Texas. Yes, in Big ol' Abilene.
I woke up early on a Thursday morning and fought my way across the DFW metroplex to make it for my Old Homes Club meeting at 11:00. My friend, Molly, has the most welcoming home.

Molly,Christie and Kay. We were treated with the best food! Thanks ladies!!
I found inspiration around every corner.

One of my favorites was the repurposed umbrella.
Molly made the pillows on the bench.
Okay, I was tempted to just crawl in...
I know you are eyeing that nest pillow on the bed. My friend Mary is a very talented artist and has a wonderful collection on her website, Fig Marmalade.
What a wall to wake up and see! Another talented friend of mine, Roxanne, painted the NEST picture for Molly.
The next morning my good friend, Jo Carol, and I set out on a hunt for treasures. We started by hitting a few Abilene garage sales without finding much. This called for a Road Trip!! A quick gas/bank/dogsitter run and we were headed south. In a  Brownwood store, I turned the corner and found Jo Carol surrounded by gumball machines (and a little dust...).
These sinks caught my attention. I was reminded that Mr. Ella and I actually pulled one of these out of our first house in 1981. 
Yikes, I have come a long way...
We were told this table and bench came out of an old school. The man selling it said he was taking it to  Warrenton. It was priced at $500.00, so if you see it at Antique Week it could be priced a little higher...

After a day of  fun junking, my sister and I took my Dad to the best movie. Seven Days in Utopia.  This film has a special meaning to my family. It is based in Utopia, Texas. Our family deer lease was in this area. We visited Utopia often when I was growing up. My mother grew up visiting here grandparents home on the Sabinal River.
There is a cemetery  that is in many scenes of the movie. This is where my great grandparents are buried and many relatives. We visited there just a year ago, where my father toured us all around. He then took us over to Uvalde where he grew up. It was extra special to see this film with him.
The movie is rated G, can you believe it? Definitely worth your time.
I am sooo glad I decided to go to West Texas. It was a great trip.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flights of Fancy Nancy

Have you all tried the New Editor in Blogger? I may be way behind, but I finally am getting the hang of their new improvements.

For example, I wanted to have a post with some of the many birdie photos that I have shared during my blog life. The new editor actually made that quite simple when I went to the image loading page. There are now several choices of where you can retrieve your photos. Upload, From this Blog, From Picasa Web Albums or From URL. I chose From this Blog...
Now when I enlarge my photos it is a simple right click of the mouse. Before I was having to tap into my hidden geeky side and dig into the HTML code for the changes. This way is sooo much easier ....
just discovered a new trick... there is a little back/undo arrow at the top left.  It is that undo part I like- a lot.
I am digging change now.
I am feeling quite content in my little computer world.
Yepper, I could get use to this....
At least until the next time some more of those improvements come this way!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The most recent Flea Market Style Magazine mentioned The Antique Company Mall under their
Readers' 80 Favorite Antique Malls. Yoo Hoo!
Wendy Abel wrote that our store reminded her of her Aunt Millie's home.
The ad said we have 10+ dealers, but we really have 100+ dealers.
Oops, a little typo...
Come by and step back in time at ACM.