Friday, November 25, 2011

Touches of Christmas

 I have been adding a few Christmas touches at the Antique Mall...
Just a little bit here and there.

Even in my NEW space at the front part of the store! I moved out of my back corner booth and up to the front where I have plenty of room to have some FuN!

When you walk in the store I am the second space to the left.
Stop by often as I add more and more layers of goodies!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Well, I have unpacked my bags from Hico and  have been  playing catch up ever since.
I was talking to another dealer the other day and she was telling me how she and her husband were starting to slow down. All I could think to myself is that my life seems to be speeding up.  
You know what I mean?
My sweet friend, Jo Carol, made these pillows. Wouldn't they make the best wedding present?

There was inspiration around every corner.

Even triangles!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A great show!

What a fun time we had in Hico! I want to thank all of you that came out to this small wonderful corner of the world.

The focal point of our booth was a corner that Mr. Ella put up using 3 sheets of plywood. I covered them with random burlap pieces and coffee sacks. Staple guns rock!!
 Across the top of the corner we put a wire grid decorated with burlap netting swagged on a
giant shovel (9ft.). I have three of these shovels and think they will make great curtain rods...
Swinging over to the other side of the booth, we had our check-out and some of our signs that we design and make. They were a big hit and we will sell these on a cash and carry basis at the Dallas Market in January.
 I am kinda big into natural elements. The mesquite beans drew quite a few comments.

The door knob stands are also one of the products we will be selling at the Dallas Market.

 I am also planning on doing some creative and quirky display ideas.
 Burlap ribbon will of course be one of my specialty items!
Also in Hico I carried these beautiful pillows by Judith Ann.
She will soon have these on Etsy for sale. I will put a link on my blog when she does so  that you can go Christmas shopping!
Monica of Joshlyn Photography came by and took this photo of me.
I just loved all of the people I met and was truly enriched by the weekend.

I will share pics of other neat booths soon!