Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tour Time

I am busier than ever and when that happens I have a hard time trying to find a subject to blog about.
So, I took my camera up to the Antique Mall and decided to give you a mini tour. 
If I miss a few good booths it is because my pictures turned out blurry or some other technical problemo. 
We will start with my booth and end there too. 
It is on the left when you walk in the front door. 
I have just startedadding touches of Fall and have some fun ideas planned for the next couple of months.

If you make a right turn when you enter the store you will enjoy Barbara's light and airy booth. 

Down and across the back aisle you will find Booth 58. 
Elizabeth and Peggy always have a seasonal theme
They also have a blog and have Monday at the Mall with
weekly ACM photos.

 One of Carole's many booths is across the aisle from Booth 58. She has been in the business for years and also sets up at Warrenton.
You never know what she will have.

Then there is Mr. Ella's booth. 
He and I often display our wares in each other's spaces. 
Gotta  get the look going!

Down the row and in the corner where one of my old booths used to be is Karen. She has nice traditional pieces.

Another Caron is on the corner of the main aisle. She too specializes in more of the traditional antiques. 
Caron is a dealer at Canton on Row 46.

Before you head down the ramp to the back of the store a great stop is in Pepper's booth. She has another space upstairs and also sets up in Canton at The Porch across from Caron.

Go down the ramp and turn right and then left and you will find Carolyn's big space. We call her the Queen of Smalls. 
She must have a passion for pricing..

Darla is in the back corner left corner room. 
She has a unique sense of style with her architectural pieces.

Up that aisle and to your left is Cindy's booth. 
You may know Cindy through her blog or Art Retreats.

Across from Cindy is my friend Eileen. 
She has an eclectic mix of finds.
Now, back up the ramp and towards the front...
Martha on one side.

Cathy on the other side.

Angela is in my former booth across from the checkout. 
I guess you need to have a love of birds as a prerequisite 
 to lease that space.

Behind the checkout is Betty. 
She comes up with the cutest handmade goods.

Around the entire back of my booth is Diane's space. 
She goes on buying trips and brings back tons of stuff at one time.

We finish the tour back at the front window.
 I am enjoying the challenge of keeping a fresh display going for all of you to see!