Saturday, May 11, 2013

Never say Never

Well, I said that I would never move to another spot in the Mall, but again I am going to eat my words. Yet, when opportunity comes knocking I tend to answer that door and then jump through it.
I guess this is my way of growing, learning and keeping myself from  getting stuck in a rut.
 My space starts at the front window and then goes back into the store.
I have divided it into three sections.

 My version of  the Summer beach is in the front window display.

The aisle area in the next  section  reminds me of a place where my childhood Summer vacations were spent.

Around that corner is the main part of  my space.
Moving is good. Not fun, but worth a little hard work...
I will share more pics soon!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Ella Elaine at Home

 I am having so much fun decorating at home with my products and decided to share a few of my favorites.

 My cloches greet you as you enter.

 The original design was made from an old light piece.
I think it was from the 1970's.

 My chalkboard boasts a saying that I found in a 1920's Parlor Game book.  
Ella Elaine lotto balls found a place in a platter around my mercury glass lamp base.
        The  Barley Twist Candlestick and doorknob stand are on the bed side table.

I love the Carrington Mirror that hangs over my bathroom sink.

A little splash of color for the guest bath.

 Mom is there to keep my guests smiling in the spare bedroom.

 The Spoon Hook Wall Plaque in the Powder room.