Saturday, March 22, 2014

EE Jewelry is at ACM !

Ella Elaine Jewelry is now for sale at ACM.  Many of the designs are based on bits and pieces of jewelry from my  mom's collection of the 1960's.  

Ella Elaine is my own unique jewelry line and is brand spankin' new on the market.
Interested in selling EE wholesale? 
Contact me for more information.

The top half of the cabinet is for display and the bottom half is where you will find all of the goodies.

Necklaces come with a fabric bag ready to be gifted to your favorite lady!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Country Living with Ella Elaine

Roosters- horses-cows-cotton-galvanized metal-blue mason jars...
 just a few of my favorite country pieces now on sale at ACM
This new farm theme has to be one of the most natural for 
this Texas girl to pull together.

 All mixed in with the ever so popular chippy white woods and ironstone platters.

Ya'll come on by now!