Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Homestead Office Collection at IMAX

I always feel like a kid on Christmas morning when I get to see my Ella Elaine products in the showrooms! 
Several months have passed since the first concept of each idea,  through the development process and then to samples.
Every step of the journey is intriguing to me as I learn how to hone the skills and talents God has given me.

You should see me when I find my products in the stores!!
( It may involve a little jumping up and down and squealing.)
It never gets old...

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pursue your Dreams

Albert Einstein - truth:

Stepping off that comfy edge is not an easy one for most of us to take. It is so much easier to just be where we have found our happy place. We may even be doing very well at that spot.
 Extremely well.
I was there just a few years ago.
 I had established the Ella Elaine brand to a level that I was feeling really good about. 
Then, that getting stuck in a rut thing started. 
This little voice inside of me just kept bugging me to push my creative boundaries.
 I had to move forward.
 This is where I learned the true meaning of jumping out there and seeking courage, trust and faith.
An amazing chain of events started to unfold with each step.
Of course, this had been happening all along, 
I just didn't see it because it had been stretched out over a longer period of time. 
Or, were my eyes not open?
Doors of opportunities began to open right and left. 
Choices to be made. Which direction should I go?
 Oh, the timing of some of those invitations could not have been at a busier time. 
We were living in a rent house while we waited for our "new" old  house to be finished.
 My studio was crammed into a storage unit, my third grand baby was on the way, graduations, weddings, holidays and this thing called life just kept happening.
These all could easily have been legitimate excuses to put my business to the side.
But that little voice was still there, pestering me.
I am so thankful I had the wisdom (and energy) to do life and  listen to 
who I needed to be...

Are you listening to your inner you??