The Range

Reclaim . Repurpose. Redefine 

Mr. Ella and I  bought us a farm.  
We are calling it The Range.

A hundred year old homestead that came with plenty of character.
 Some to keep and some to freshen up with a new 21st Century vibe.
I am only going to tease you with the a bit of the keepers.

Like the patina on the old corn crib barn walls. 
BIG influence on choosing this particular property!

And... on this old rusty Willys jeep!

Do you see the bird nest? 
I think it was just meant to be.

I have started adding my Ella touch to one of the outbuildings. 

(Which originally was an airplane hanger... yes, really.)
 The sky is the limit here!

 A little rust mixed with bling never hurts an atmosphere.
  The perfect surrounding for retreats, workshops or family days!
The farmhouse is under destruction and reconstruction for now and I will post photos soon!


Mary B said...


Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

Thanks, Mary!

Tonita said...

Rust and bling is my style also. So this is making me so jealous. I love your outbuildings. The chandy is beyond amazing. WOW >. I love it