Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Warrenton, Texas Antique Fair Spring '08

I wanted to share a few pictures from my trip to the Warrenton Antique Fair.
The prices seemed higher than in past years, but it was absolutely worth going for the excitement and the inspiration it all triggered within me.

I felt like I was walking around in Country Living Magazine

Okay, I admit it, my pulse was racing by this point!


Need a wagon... and a bear??

More fun.

This had to be one of the most creative booths. The owners, probably women, had taken moss adorned branches off the south Texas trees and had them hanging inside their tent with lights.

Waa Lah, instant atmosphere.

Carolyn Westbrook's booth/store.
She is featured on the cover and in the book, Where Women Create. Her booth was decorated like her other book, Carolyn Westbrook Home with soft neutral linen bedding"

Another store which created their own atmosphere. Junk Gypsies.

I had to say goodbye to all the goodies and head back home. I managed to buy a few bird prints, an old shutter, a really cool piece of tin, and a bunch of small oddities I am planning on using in collages or for whatever I come up with... Yee Haw!!

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Anonymous said...

How fun. Texas looks like it lives up to "Everything is bigger in Texas".