Thursday, June 19, 2008

Food for the Soul

Anthropologie. Food for the Soul. A store where you not only shop, but you experience the ambiance of the mixture of the music , the scents and the merchandise. I am fortunate to have three stores within driving distance of my home. My daughter and I visited this Anthropologie a couple of days ago and I just had to take a few photos with my cell phone to share with you.

Can you guess what the wall treatment is made out of ? I know what it is. Leave a comment if you know too.

These look like mini shades, but they were huge!

A little tempting spot for an afternoon nap....


molly said...

I know - I know(I think) Is it the burlap stuff you put on the bottom of chairs to hold in the springs.It comes on a roll.That has been around a long time but they still have it in fabric stores today. I too love to look at their displays.Love your blog hope to see you in September at Quant old Homes in Big A!!

Nancy Elaine said...

BINGO! You get a gold star for answering correctly. I enjoy your blog too. So inspiring!