Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is it Summer yet?

The kids are out of school. Temperatures in Texas are in the 90's. I have a tan line. Summer does not start officially until June 20th, but it has arrived in the South. This is not unusual. We have very little Spring weather and then it just takes a plunge for Summer.
The shells pictured above are on a shelf in our Master Bathroom. The jar on the left has blue shells from the Hamptons sitting on pink sand my daughter and I picked up near the lighthouse on the tip of Long Island. The middle jar has shells and finger coral from the Cayman Islands. The right jar has Hawaiian shells. I pick up sea glass,shells, sand, sticks and rocks on every beach I visit. I find God's creativity and sometimes even His humor when I am on the beach. All the beaches have their unique treasures. It doesn't matter if they are on the same Island or not. Some will have sea glass of all colors, and then the next beach may only have coral pieces.

Coral I found on a Hawaiian beach many years ago sits on a corner of my bathtub. I took the photo in 2006 on the North Shore of Oahu. I don't need Calgon to "Take me away", I have my sunset to send me to the Islands!

My last beach trip was to Florida where I bought this large finger coral for $12.00. It was a little tricky getting it back on the flight home, but it made it in one piece. (I actually bought a cheap $8.00 suitcase just to pack it in....)

Sand and shells I picked up on the beach at Destin, Florida. The pink and brown shell in front I bought at the same Antique Mall where I bought the finger coral. These apothecary jars also came from the Destin area.

Destin antique shops are so different from those here in Texas. It was very refreshing to see a mix of the sea with Shabby Chic. I just had to come home and try it out for myself.

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Jo Carol said...

Makes me "long" to return to Seaside, Florida. Pretty, pretty!!!