Thursday, July 24, 2008

Add it to my list...

About a month ago, I had a crazy idea to look for spaces at the antique malls in the area. I investigated some of the surrounding towns, dragging my dear hubby along. I mentioned I was thinking about getting a booth to my friend Eileen, and asked her if she would be interested in going " in" with me. ( Is that anything like diving into the deep end of the pool?) I told her since we both like to shop, why not have a reason to buy even more stuff! Well, she took the bait. Then we had to investigate even more and make some decisons on where we should land. So, here are some photos of our McKinney, Texas booth. We also have a smaller booth in Denton, Texas. We are trying to see which area sells better and we will probably move our things back and forth as we get a feel for each market. This booth has the Florida-Shabby Chic look. It doesn't seem to look as pink in person...It is still a work in progress, but it is getting there. I only started loading the booth last weekend and yesterday I sold an 1800's West Texas school desk.Great start! It left a big blank spot so I scrambled and added more items today. I hope this is an ongoing problem!!

The glass cloche is over a bird nest and then sitting on an old farm feeder cog. In olden days the cog would turn and release the seeds to be spaced a certain distance apart.

The two shelves on the wall are panels out of very old cabinet doors. We still have some nooks and crannies for more items. I need to get to work pricing... The mirror on the floor is reflecting the lights in the flamingo booth across from our booth. Yes, I said flamingo. It actually is cute.

My newest "Just have to have it" item - Any old scale.

We are located in The Antique Company Mall
213 E. Virginia
McKinney, Tx. 75069
Mon-Sat 10-5:30
Sun 11-5
Booth 1010C

Go up the FRONT stairs and we are the third booth on the right.

So, add this to my list of things to do before I turn fifty.

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

A friend told me that McKinney has some great places to shop; I've yet to check out, maybe soon. I set up at Zapp Hall as well. It's my favorite place to sell my things. Good luck with your mall booth, Theresa