Saturday, April 18, 2009

Old & New

I am working on changing the look of my booth at the Antique Company Mall in McKinney. I still have nests and birds, but my color theme is now leaning toward robin egg blue and brown. The pegboard will be painted a linen/burlap color.

My old ruler is now in a diva crown shape instead of a star.

Spring into spring!

(This idea came from Brandy .)

I bought this piece while on my Warrenton trip. It is an old Tom's Candy Cabinet. I took the door off and sat it to the side for more display. The inside has been Ella-fide with corrugated cardboard and old book pages.
After I had paid the man who sold this to me, he started telling me how it had fallen out of the back of his truck on his last trip and then showed me where he had glued it all back together!
-using liquid nails...
(MDH sanded it back to a better finish.)

I love taking anything old and new and giving it a different life!


Simply Glowing Gifts said...

I visited your booth today and took a card. I enjoyed your items and your blog..wish I were that organized!

Nancy Elaine said...

Thanks for shopping in McKinney.
It is a fun place to browse around. I appreciate your comments.

bunnytrails said...

Hey Nancy! Your little booth looks so good. I love the "Spring into Spring" and your other goodies! Someday. I WILL come and see you and your booth! I have some new projects in the making and am really excited about them! ta ta for now...JC

Margo said...

Nancy, It was very nice to meet you today at Curious Goods booth. I hope to get working on my coffee sack liner real soon.
Be sure to stop by my blog at, looks like we have a lot in common.

Nancy Elaine said...

I will be posting some photos of my cart and burlap sack liner when time allows.