Monday, May 25, 2009

Burlap and Bubbles

Leah, my daughter, was home for a couple of weeks and I put her to work. She has a degree in Apparel Design and can sew way better than I ever could sew. I am changing the look of my laundry room and decided to add burlap valances on the windows. I gave Leah the fabric and measurements and then I left to go to a graduation party. When I returned she had finished the toppers, but we thought they were way too short after we went to the trouble of climbing on a ladder and messing with the complicated rods. We tried out several (ugly) ideas and then I had a light bulb moment... add some of my burlap ribbon! Leah came up with the idea of threading the aqua seam binding across the original hem.

Ta da!

My (very) Dear Hubby had painted the walls and ceiling for me when I was out of town on one of my trips. I would like to give the edges of the wall and my cabinets an old look. Maybe when my next burst of energy comes!


molly said...

cute nancy - don't you just love burlap!! who would have thought?

Curious Goods said...

Love the look! That turq ceiling is great. I need to borrow your husband....... lol, Donna

Unknown said...

Hi Nancy....just found you and enjoyed reading your blog....your new baby is precious. I am so amazed at the number of us that are right here in Texas.....I have a store in Arlington and hit canton about three times a year...I will look you up! Stop by and see me.....xxoo jana

Brenda's Blog said...

Love it Nancy!!! So cute! Love the turquoise on the burlap! What a unique touch!!! I was able to visit Round Top for first time! Loved it!!! Are you going to Hico again this year? I hope to do the show in the fall! As always, enjoying your blog!!! Happy Days! Brenda ;)