Friday, June 26, 2009

Rusty Ella-ments

I found some old farm seeders at an Estate sale last weekend. My Dear Hubby and I followed the sign down a short dusty road to a farm crawling with bargain seekers. We rummaged through the treasures out in the carport and garage before making our way inside.
I managed to have a pretty good stack of my finds saved out by the chain link fence and ended up spending about thirty dollars. I was making my way back to the car when I spotted a bunch of old farm equipment in the field with price tags blowing in the wind. My heart started to race as I headed over to area. I was disappointed to find SOLD written on almost every tag. Did that stop me from looking? Of course not! I started exploring, dodging the cactus and the fire ants and found an old rusty cylinder full of seeder wheels. Now, I am not really sure this is the correct term for these old implements, but I do know they were used to spread the seeds in the fields. The seeds would be dispersed according to how big the holes were and where the holes were placed. I am not sure about the wheels that don't have any holes... I grew up in West Texas, but only would visit farms, not live on one. So, I found someone to give me a price on my goodies and we took them to the car. I just about skipped all the way there.

Nothing like a little rust to make me happy!

Besides hanging them on the wall, I thought they would make cool plate chargers.
The old rusty patina is ironically rich looking.

This seeder is sitting under an old copper pitcher with some other rusty element I picked up somewhere in my adventures. Oh, and an old lampshade.

I placed this charger on a copper plate.

My kids thought I had lost my marbles when I concocted this wind chime! It actually has a unique sound blowing in the breeze.
(Although in Texas, that would be wind!)


bunnytrails said...

Those are really interesting!! I went Garage Sale shopping today and got a few neat things. I have already taken them to my booth. I meant to take my camera and take some pics, but I forgot!! (Of course!!)Now I am home and must clean house. Yuck,yuck yuck!!!

Margo said...

Makes me want to go get them out of my booth and keep them. Funny how we are drawn to the same stuff. Love the wind chime.

curiousgoods said...

Love Love Love the rust and keys! Your creative ideas are pouring out, aren't they?!?

Nancy Elaine said...

Thanks Donna. It was good to see you at Canton in the A/C building. I love my bracelet you made and have told everyone who has admired it all about you. I stayed at Canton until about Noon and that was all the heat I could handle. I found a neat display cabinet from an old barn, so I was happy.