Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quaint Market Place

Due to thunderstorms predicted in the forecast we will move the location of the sale.

New Location -same time

Hannah Jane Warehouse

South 14th & Treadaway

It is that time again. The wonderful Quaint Market Place in Abilene, Texas. This is an invitation only event, but if you can come, I will get you an invite. Just email me and let me know you want to be there, and I will have a ticket for you at the gate . I will be set up at the show as will many other ladies we had last year and some new very talented women.

Go back to my October 2008 post for more photos of last year's Quaint Market Place.
You will see why I am so excited about being a part of this show.
The setting is so gorgeous, you will forget you are in West Texas.

Ya'll come, you hear!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Antique Alley

My Dear Hubby and I went down to Cleburne yesterday for their antique sale they have in the Fall and Spring.

All along the roads were garage sale type places to stop, but the best shopping was at Whippoorwill Hill.

Some of the vendors had "the touch".

I have seen and used springs in all sorts of ways, but this was the first time I had seen them used with a teacup.

We met up with one of my bestest friends, Jo Carol, and her dear hubby from Abilene.
Hop on over to her blog at Bunnytrails.

Jo Carol has a great booth at The Antique Collection on Butternut in Abilene, Texas.

A closeup of one of her wonderful displays.

Well, our dear hubbies were really good sports, and I think they enjoyed having someone to talk to while we were wandering through all of the junk.

A touch of Fall.

It was a fun day. The weather and friends were perfect.
I am ready to do it all over again.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is this me?

I recently asked my husband if he would help me find my work gloves. I went on to doing other things and as usual became side tracked. A little while later my husband told me he wanted to show me something. I came around the corner and all of the gloves he had found were laid out just like this...

We just laughed and decided this pretty much summed up my personality.

( Notice that none of the gloves match...)

Maybe I should make it my new banner. No one else would have one exactly the same.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Feel for Fall

I added a few touches of Fall to my booth today. The weather here is still in Summer mode, but it is September and my dear Hubby is upstairs watching Football. Both signs of the season.

Who said you could only put birds and eggs in nests?

Candy dish top roosting in a berry basket.

I love the natural look of this lamp. The shade and fishing net came from the Waka Waka Estate Sale.

Candle holder. I don't think so!

Happy Fall Ya'll!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Waka Waka Wacky Estate Sale

My Dear Hubby and I were headed back from the Houston area to Dallas last Sunday when we decided to stop at an Estate Sale I had seen on the Internet. We typed the address into "Go Go Guy" and went on our way. Somewhere Northwest of Conroe we found our destination. Out in the middle of nowhere, or so we thought.
We had just entered Waka Waka World.

I can't tell you how many times MDH has told me I needed to go to the Funny Farm.
Well, here it is. Here we were. Hmmm. Did he plan this without me knowing? He is really a smart man, but that would take some doing to pull that off and make me think I was the one who brought us to this point.
Putting these thoughts out of my mind, I jumped out of the car to take a picture through the gate. I was about to stick my camera through the bars when my husband yelled, " Watch out for that dog!" I jumped back and didn't hear any growls or barks except MDH barking that laugh he has when he laughs at his own jokes. Not funny. I am not sure what was inside the Funny Farm. Maybe an amusement park. It really was just weird.

Guarding the gate were these toilet soldiers. I can say with certainty that even in my creative mind I would NOT have thought of this...

Antiques? Where?

We decided to wave goodbye and find the real sale.

The Twilite Zone bus greeted us on the right road. I wasn't feeling any better about the pot of gold at the end of the psychedelic rainbow.

We followed the signs to the "Parkin" lot and found a welcome crew there.
Yes, they came up to us and wanted us to pet them. Really.

This sight was quite a relief after our trip to the Funny Farm.
Everything looked normal.
Everyone seemed normal.
The owners were very nice and friendly.
I found this plow for sale. I really only wanted some of the parts. I didn't think they would sell it if I wanted them to dissect first. If you look between the wheels you will see what are called spacers. I had just recently bought some of these from a dealer who had found them in Kansas.

Here is what I did with them.

The nest is made out of old rusty nails.

Back at the Farm...
I found this cart over by the fence (and fire ants). OUCH!!

Some of these old insulators came home with me.
I used them as risers in my booth. Any ideas?

I was walking around and happened to look up and the side of one of the buildings was a tin patchwork. How clever.
Somehow I missed getting any pictures of the (dirty) metal cargo trailer we had to dig around in to find some of our treasures. I have a feeling this sale is not really an Estate sale, but a weekend way of life for the owners.
My Dear Hubby and I made some precious memories we will relive many times over....

Weekend Finds

I went to the oddest Estate Sale last Sunday that I have ever been to.
I will fill you in with my next post. My time is limited right now, because I have to get busy pricing everything I bought.
I was gone for 5 days, and when I came back my booth in McKinney was quite picked over.
What a nice problem to have. A BIG THANK YOU to all of my customers!!!

Does this dirt and grime give you any hints
of where my little fingers had to dig?

I bought the neatest old tea crate. It is about two feet tall. This is a close up of a seal on the lid.

So, now I am off to pricing...