Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is this me?

I recently asked my husband if he would help me find my work gloves. I went on to doing other things and as usual became side tracked. A little while later my husband told me he wanted to show me something. I came around the corner and all of the gloves he had found were laid out just like this...

We just laughed and decided this pretty much summed up my personality.

( Notice that none of the gloves match...)

Maybe I should make it my new banner. No one else would have one exactly the same.


molly said...

too funny- it just shows you have had busy hands!! Creating all sorts of things.

mary said...

Cute! Just like you!

curiousgoods said...

I love that photo. Reminds me of the scattered, blended ideas running through my head most days. Are YOU like that too?

:) Donna

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Makes a great piece of artwork! Karrie had to laugh this spring when her hubby helped her get out all of her urns and planters. They must have multiplied like bunnies through out the winter, I'm a thinkin'.
Karla & Karrie