Monday, January 25, 2010

Mandatory Detours

I have told you all about mandatory detours on road trips. You remember. If there is a special store or an antique show within fifty miles of the final destination, it is a given that is where the car goes. Okay, so on our way back to Dallas from San Antonio last Saturday was the Red Barn Antique Show in Roundtop. It wasn't exactly one of those "as the crow flys" routes. Mandatory detour of course. We meandered along the beautiful Texas roads thankful the sun was shining after spending the previous days in the frigid rain. We made it and were met by a million cars parked all the way out on the highway. My Dear Hubby needed extra calming down as we entered the rain soaked parking lot. Mud. Lots and lots of mud. MDH dropped me off at the front and he kept circling for a place to land our SUV. I made it in the building and wandered around in awe at all of the wonderful displays. I took several pictures, but somehow in all of my excitement I had managed to turn one of the dials on the top of my camera. Almost all of my photos were blurry...

One photo of Teresa's displays of Garden Antqs Vintage turned out okay.

You will just have to settle with photos of what I bought and how I was inspired.

The chair springs above the mantel came from Alison's booth.

Many of the Red Barn vendors had decorated with burlap. I felt so "in stlye"!

Cream on cream & vintage papers inspired me to adorn these old bottles.

I already had these industrial light fixtures in my booth. I try my best to be hip!

It was a joyful day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Inspiring places of 2009 First Stop-Abilene

Abilene? Yes, 3 1/2 hours West is one of my places I find inspiration.

I hardly ever go to my home town without squeezing in a stop to It's About Time .

I remember their first location years ago. Several moves later it is still a fresh and fun place shop.

If you ever find yourself in Abilene check it out at 1395 Albany St. (Just off of S. 14th.)

The owner of It's About Time had my Old Homes Club over for one of our monthly meetings. I try to get back for these gatherings as often as I can. We were welcomed at the front door by the Lady in the Apron. As I recall, we were all to wear an apron from the past and tell the story behind it. I wore one of my mother's Christmas aprons she had made from red netting and hand stitched felt shapes with sequins.

An old door header loaded with a little dog whimsey. Maybe there are some good stories behind these pictures...

Cute chairs are meant to go on the wall, right?

Next, Mary Gregory's Art Studio.

Mary had the same group of ladies over for our Fall luncheon. What a wonderful day of good friends, good food and good crisp weather.
Mary lives out in the country and brought her art studio from town when they moved. Her sweet husband literally moved the building down their narrow alley in the city so it could find a roomy place to land out on the farm.

I am pretending this is my studio and I am a real artist. Maybe one of these days.

Mary's beautiful art can be found on her blog Gracious Goodness.

And last, but not least... a West Texas sunset over none other than Ft. Phantom Lake. This is not the prettiest lake by far, but I still love to hear the waves as I stroll along the shore and I even find a few shells along the way.
This is my therapy.
Thank you God.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I have decided that my next post will be about the most inspiring places I visited in 2009. I have had the most incredible year and would like to share it with everyone. It is going to take some digging in my picture files, but I hope to get it all together soon!
( I really do wish I could get my act together...)

McKinney Trade days ~ Fall 2009

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Breaking News!

We interrupt this cold and calm day to bring you news that Ella has gone off the deep end. Nurse Ratchet has taken charge and all will be okay.

A few things may still be a little "off the wall".

Daily doses of junkin' have been prescribed for a complete recovery.

Even though Ella is still recuperating, visitors are allowed.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good Bones for Starters

Whew! I am exhausted. I have spent the last two days working on my new booth.
I finally left the antique mall today feeling like I had some "good bones" to work with now.
I can get all the filler items ready and placed. (Margo, does anything look familiar?)
There will be more layers to come. It kind of reminds me of when I take all of my Christmas decorations down and the house looks so empty.

This is what I arrived to this morning. I spent the entire day finishing the burlap walls, making burlap roses, pricing and arranging. Nobody would have accused me of working too fast.
Nope, not today...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dreamy Creamy in 2010

It all started with this rusty garden cart.
On our way to Abilene for Christmas we stopped at the Lone Star Antique Mall in Fort Worth.
You know the rule: If there is a good store within 50 miles of your final destination - you must detour!
My Dear Hubby and I browsed around and bought this cart. We would have to pick it up on our way back home though because our car was too full with Christmas presents (and dog).
I thought that was a sly plan on my part...
There are some great dealers in this mall and it really turned our car conversation to my antique business. Sales have been good. Really good. I have needed to expand for several months, but could not figure out where the best place was for more Ella Elaine.

I called the manager of the Antique Mall that I am already in . She said there was a booth available. I committed on the phone to rent this space as we drove down the highway.
This is before.

(Leftovers are from the previous dealer. Except the fireplace mantel. I bought that to stay in my booth.)

I have been so inspired by stores and spaces over the last few months.
Below are a few pics from the Lone Star Antique Mall.

The Shabby Y booth.

Bountiful's booth. I could just crawl in that bed and never get up!

This photo and the next two are from Dream in Cream's booth.

Okay, it takes some imagination and work to get from the blank walls of my empty booth to the dreamy creamy look I am seeking.
I will be a busy gal the next few days!!

I am keeping my original space too, so make sure and come visit...