Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tent Town in Texas

During Antique Weekend you will see tents lining the usually lonely road between Roundtop and Warrenton.

From field to flea market.
It is so hard not to just jump out of the car at this point...

The cool thing is that to get to the parking area, you have to drive right down the roads by the tents. Preview shopping from the luxury of your own car.
Not too shabby.

I think I need to take a golf cart next time and cruise around. Well, maybe not. It would leave less room in the car for my good buys.

How do they get all this stuff here??? Did you see them on the highway? I didn't.

My next post will be about all of the interesting displays.
See ya then...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shopped ' til I dropped

I am home and WORN out from the Warrenton/Roundtop Antique Show.

Three and a half days of roaming around digging and picking were fun, but exhausting. I had to stop while I was there and put my feet up for a short rest.
(I am now sitting in my cushioned chair at home with my feet up while I work on this post...)

Every inch of the SUV was packed. Rusty gold. Diamonds in the rough. Lots of work...

Not everything I bought needs work. It just looks that way. Believe it or not the beautiful huge piece of tin on the right in the photo below was actually tucked safely in the middle of the car.

You can understand the scale of this tin piece if you notice the chair in the center.
It will probably end up as one of my keepers.
I will post more photos and info as energy and time allows...I wish you all could have been there with me!

Monday, March 22, 2010

We woke up to more than six inches of snow on Sunday. Wowser, it had been in the 70's the Friday before...
I decided Sunday afternoon the roads were clear enough to go over to McKinney. I did my stuff in my booths and as always, took some photos to blog about or just to help me with my memory.I loaded them on my computer that night and up popped this picture of the ceiling. I don't remember taking it...maybe subliminal thoughts? Was I longing for those blue skies to return?

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Rusty, tattered, been around or timeworn. Creaky, faded, shabby or scruffy.
When someone uses any of these words to describe anything, they have me hooked.

This plant stand is an example of a recent find while on one of my hunts. I noticed it sitting outside at the back of a thrift store. I went in the store hoping it would be full of "I just can't live without it" stuff, only to be greeted with disappointment. I asked the lady about the things outside. She started telling me how the refrigerator out there needed a new seal and la, la ,la. I had NOT even seen an ugly refrigerator. I wanted the price for the real treasures. She was surprised I was interested in the plant stands. She then started telling me how RUSTY (magic word) they were and would have to be painted. I played along and told her I would have to go look at them again (after she quoted me a price). I could not even look my husband in the eye, because the silly grin I was suppressing would end up on my face. I ended up only buying one of the planters, because the other one had a strong contemporary look.
I left a happy camper.
So, if anything is kind of rusty or creaky (kind of like me) -I gotta have it.

P.S. The plant stand has already sold. It didn't last long... Other people have good taste too!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just a Thought...

"Without our treasured objects,

a room is just a bunch of furniture."

Lauren Flanagan

I found this quote in

Layla Palmer's new E-book,

I love this thought. If we are to have a warm and cozy home, we need to surround ourselves with objects that have meaning to us.

I can look around my living room and see pieces that could tell stories if they could talk. Some were handed down from grandparents long gone, others were picked up over my 30 years of marriage.
This is what makes a house a home.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Around ACM (Antique Company Mall)

I have been wanting to highlight some of the vendors at the antique mall where I have my booth.
So, we will start with a few pics I snapped a couple of weeks ago.
If any of you reading this are dealers in an antique mall you know we have a weakness to buy from each other.

I have chosen two dealers that help feed my addiction...

Carolyn has several spaces. All very well displayed and there is usually a theme to each section.
My short experience in this business would strongly encourage any of you looking for direction to increase sales - have" a look". Your own unique personality will shine through and draw customers like bugs to a light. Seriously. Try it. Go for it. Tell 'em Ella said so...

Carolyn has set up old doors all around to use as backdrops for her goods.
Try to think out of the box. Look at anything from a different angle. Literally.
That means turning it upside down and sideways.

Group colors together for themes and holidays.
This old green lawn chair was a perfect perch for this St.Patrick's grouping.

Think Spring...

Easter is just around the corner. A few sun shiny days seem to help get us in the mood to think about flowers and gardening.

The other dealer that has the display "eye" is Nancy. The other Nancy.

Her booth is near the check out just up a little ways from my front booth.

Nancy's look is more rustic. Very simplistic in a way, yet appealing.

I love the way she layers everything. It all just looks like it was meant to be in that place.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the short tour. These two ladies are very talented and I was glad to share a small sampling of their "look".
See ya next time...

Monday, March 1, 2010

The joy of new friends

I would like to introduce you to a new Etsy friend of mine. Annabel Lee.

She uses a great mix of antique and new ephemera to create her "look" for magnets and votives.

Of course, one of my favorites...vintage song book pages!

Old dictionary pages too...

Very cute, don't you think?

So head on over to Annabel's Etsy Studio and do a little shopping!