Saturday, March 20, 2010


Rusty, tattered, been around or timeworn. Creaky, faded, shabby or scruffy.
When someone uses any of these words to describe anything, they have me hooked.

This plant stand is an example of a recent find while on one of my hunts. I noticed it sitting outside at the back of a thrift store. I went in the store hoping it would be full of "I just can't live without it" stuff, only to be greeted with disappointment. I asked the lady about the things outside. She started telling me how the refrigerator out there needed a new seal and la, la ,la. I had NOT even seen an ugly refrigerator. I wanted the price for the real treasures. She was surprised I was interested in the plant stands. She then started telling me how RUSTY (magic word) they were and would have to be painted. I played along and told her I would have to go look at them again (after she quoted me a price). I could not even look my husband in the eye, because the silly grin I was suppressing would end up on my face. I ended up only buying one of the planters, because the other one had a strong contemporary look.
I left a happy camper.
So, if anything is kind of rusty or creaky (kind of like me) -I gotta have it.

P.S. The plant stand has already sold. It didn't last long... Other people have good taste too!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You are too funny, that's a great story, T

Margo said...

I'm with you, I love the rusty stuff.
I get that a lot too. People want to tell me all about their item, thinking that I'll want to fix it up.
Nope, I usually like it just the way it is.

Thanks for the story.