Sunday, August 29, 2010

Are you ready?

Are you ready for some Football ?

Or maybe - Are you ready for some Photos?

My Saturday was a junker's visual overload for sure. My Dear Hubby and I headed out early to East Texas. We had scheduled our day to start at Judy Hill's
Late show in Kilgore.

Theresa of Garden Antqs was set up in a beautiful and relaxing setting.

I couldn't pass up a chance to catch a pic of two lovebirds!

Cubby full of pretty ribbons.

My favorite , creams...

We wandered up to Judy's house to roam around. We didn't get to the sale as early as we had planned and we were told everything was picked over. Theresa has some great pictures of the show before all the shoppers demolished the awesome displays.

Here are a few of my favorite things.

Now that is talent to take old surgical clamps and make them absolutely gorgeous.

Okay, the reason we didn't get to the Late show as early as planned is because we stopped in Canton at Laurie Anna's Open House. She has moved next door to her original store, but there is much more room.

Pumpkins greet you as you enter. Yummy chandies give you a sparkly wink as you walk around in marvel at the incredible displays.

I was in burlap and cream HEAVEN!

Gorgeous table settings at every turn.

More of my little peace.

Lauri Anna's is open during Canton's Monday Trade Days.

If you have a chance to go-by all means GO!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have a hard time keeping up with posting current photos of my booths in McKinney because they are always changing. Most of the time it is because of customer purchases, but other times I just have the itch to rearrange.

The front booth boasts my Reserved for Customers sign which was one of my favorite Canton spree buys.
My Dear Hubby made the lamp out of an old kerosene lamp base and I thought a minnow bucket shade would cast the coolest pattern on the wall.

A touch of dried flowers in an old ice cream can and a sweet lavender bunch MDH picked on our Lavender Farm stop in Oklahoma.

This table arrangement sold very quickly. I had a metal chicken feeder loaded with plates. Wouldn't this be all the talk for a buffet at a party? I found another chicken feeder and will add it to my booth when I redo for Fall.
I am hoping to get some more of these hard to find battery jars in the next couple of months.

After my first display sold I added the rusty metal look. The metal rectangle thingy at the back of the table sold within days of rearranging. I have no idea what the original purpose was, but it makes an awesome vignette setting.

Now, to my back corner booth. I have had more fun with this long wall. I had a mantle there for the first few months until it sold. I didn't know how much I would miss it though. Change is good. It forces us to do things we wouldn't have had the opportunity to do or the incentive to start.

The newest look: a cubby cabinet from Kansas.

I am treating the top as my new mantle.

Stop by and experience the changes...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Every Birdie Welcome

I recently hinted about the art project I will be teaching at the High Cotton Art Retreat in October. I had fun pulling this together for us to assemble. We will have tin snips cutting, hammers pounding and glue stuck to all ten fingers.
Each assemblage will be unique for each student.

Below is my little blurb that is with my project photo at the

"Join in on the funkiness of transforming found objects from the past into an art piece for today.
Mix architectural elements, an array of vintage papers and old tart tins to elevate them to a new life every birdie would love.
The project is a multi-step process where you will learn the best tried and true methods for assemblage.
So, bring your quirkiness and get ready to create! "

(We will also attach a letter stamped spoon hook to the bottom...)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Wonderful World of Blog Friends

Blogland has the best people! I was tickled when Lisa of Tarnished and Tattered walked into the Antique Co. Mall last week. She was there meeting even more blog friends. It wasn't long before Cindy of Yapping Cat Studio and Angela of Filigree Moon ( with her sweet daughter, Valerie) wandered in to look around.
It was such a joy to show them around. They giggled, oohed and aahed all around the st
ore. All three bloggers have posted about their little day trip and the fun they had.
It was my honor and pleasure to be a part of their McKinney experience!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

High Cotton Art Camp

Ella is elated to share the news of the coolest, peachy keen, trendy,chi chi
I am on cloud nine to be one of the participating instructors!

What am I teaching you might ask?

I will give you a couple of hints below...

It has something to do with re- purposing.

And birds and nests, of course!!

The oh so talented coordinators are adding new info often.

I can't wait for October!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I would like to welcome Theresa of Garden Antqs Vintage to the Antique Company Mall in McKinney. I am bursting at the seams with excitement to have her here.
I will let Theresa show off her awesome space on her blog, so I am going to just tease you with one little pic.

Come by and visit soon!!