Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Every Birdie Welcome

I recently hinted about the art project I will be teaching at the High Cotton Art Retreat in October. I had fun pulling this together for us to assemble. We will have tin snips cutting, hammers pounding and glue stuck to all ten fingers.
Each assemblage will be unique for each student.

Below is my little blurb that is with my project photo at the

"Join in on the funkiness of transforming found objects from the past into an art piece for today.
Mix architectural elements, an array of vintage papers and old tart tins to elevate them to a new life every birdie would love.
The project is a multi-step process where you will learn the best tried and true methods for assemblage.
So, bring your quirkiness and get ready to create! "

(We will also attach a letter stamped spoon hook to the bottom...)


Angela said...

It's so tweet!! I love it!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

That is some beautiful art Nancy! Wish I could make it out to see your creative works in person, but at least I can see them when I'm at the Mall.

cindy said...

How cute is that? I did not know that you taught. How cool. You'll have to submit something for PC sometime. I hope the Art Camp does well, looks fab!!!!


bunnytrails said...

Sign me up!! Hey, heard you were in town last week. Shame on you for not coming this weeK so we could junk together.Big Estate this weekend. COme back!~