Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just Dandie

Hello everyone. I know I have been away from blogging for awhile as you all have frequently reminded me...
To say life has been busy would be the understatement of the year.
So much has been going on which somehow puts me at a loss of what to blog about.
So, I turned to comfort food. My grandmother's Dandie recipe caught my attention as I was flipping through hundreds of zillions of photos hoping I would get a spark of an idea what to post.
Written in my fourth or fifth grade hand writing it is almost impossible to see. 
My grandmother would keep these tasty wheat germ balls in the
refrigerator in a jar. Her concoction was a forerunner for the popular protein bars we have in the stores now. 
I guess you can tell I must be a messy cook!
I am headed to make me up a batch...


Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Looks like some of my favorite recipes. You can always tell which are my favorites in my cookbooks by the stains and splatters!

Enjoy your Dandies!

bunnytrails said...

I used to make those when my girls were little. Very yummy! So neat that you have the recipe that you copied as a little girl. Great chatting with you yesterday. Big Hug!

Vintage and Company said...

Hi Nancey, Glad to find your blog! I met you and your husband at market and just wanted you to know I featured your "love" sign on my blog today! I thought it was great!!!

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

That is so precious! I've never heard of a Dandie. At first I thought it was what you called your grandmother and thought it was cute. Then I saw that it was the recipe name. :-)