Monday, March 5, 2012

Something to Crow About

 Our Romantic Prairie home has been a slow process for us to get settled. We seem to be going in a million directions at one time.... 
I finally found a house number sign that I couldn't pass up. She came in the mail this morning and I quickly perched her on the front porch. 
 I ordered her on Etsy from Cabin Hollow.
She's cute isn't she?
 I had to make the crow a she since there already was a nest nearby. Although I am certain these are not the correct kind of eggs.... we can pretend.

Quite an improvement from the temp sign, wouldn't you say?


trash talk said...

How cute is that? Yes...definite improvement!
That has got to be a Rebecca arrangement. I'd recognize that ribbon anywhere.

bunnytrails said...

LOVE IT !!!!!!!! Can't wait till you post about the inside!!

Passionate for White said...

Perfect and well worth waiting for!!