Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Atlanta Market and Ella Elaine

 Mr. Ella and I just came back from our trip to the Atlanta Market where my line of products made their debut.
 We made our way to the IMAX showroom with great anticipation.

 There, through the window... I could see my products... 
someone pinch me.

 Mr. Ella quickly snapped my picture so that I could prove I had been there. 
 IMAX let me choose the photo inserts for my frames.  Two of the pictures I picked were of my mother.
This brings tears to my eyes every time I see them because I know she would be such a proud mom right now. 
I miss her so much, but isn't she just so cute!

 She just makes you want to smile.
The other photo I picked is one of my aunties and cousin Elaine. Left to right ~ Aunt Trubie, Elaine, Aunt Clara and Aunt Claudia. They seem to be enjoying washing dishes and looking pretty too.

 Okay, back to my collection. Every design was based on something that I have taken and given it a new life.
Reclaim  Repurpose  Redefine
 A short bio was posted to let the customer know a little bit about me. 

It was all thrilling to see my name in such a venue. I can't wait for the Dallas Show!! Starts Jan. 16th.


molly said...

can't wait to see them in person this weekend! I am so excited for you and I just know your mom is looking down from Heaven with a smile on her face!You go Girl!!

CindyJanesAttic said...

Love, love seeing your beautiful photo, bio, products, and touching family photos! I'm with Molly; I'm sure your mom is smiling right from Heaven now! I'm so sorry to have missed this blog post prior to Market ... I missed the IMAX showroom this time! I promise I will make a point to visit as soon as I can!

Since I too love birds, I've happily "shopped" at your Dealer & Friends pre-Garage Sale back in your former home, I've been privileged to shop your booths in Antique Company Mall, and I live here in the Historic District with you and have a shop space on the Square and soon another store here, I just feel a kinship with you ... and I'm just so excited for you! WOW! IMAX ... and buying the Antique Company Mall too! I'm thrilled to see your world expanding so! I bet it's such a joy and such a challenge!
Congratulations, Nancy! Way to go! :)