Friday, March 1, 2013

Ella Elaine Product Sighting!

 Yesterday was the  first time I spotted my products in a store!
 I was at Canton Trade Days and walked into the
store simplicity and looked up and was
surprised to see my wall mural. 
This just made me feel all giddy inside.
The wall art was hung on the old bed springs above the register for all to see!
Around the corner I saw the frames with my mother's photo in them.
Welcome to retail Mom!

The boxes were neatly stacked along side the door knob stands.
 My designs are based on all things old. Repurposing is my passion. I love taking items meant for other intentions and giving them a new life. Many of my flowers were created by using jello molds, light fixture pieces long with a little burlap of course!
Amy at simplicity did a fantastic job displaying everything. 
 If you get to Canton make sure
and stop by simplicity on row 46.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Nancy, it's funny I saw that murel and thought it should did look familiar.

Stephanie said...

That is SO exciting!!!