Thursday, October 30, 2014

China Trip

Whew! I am back safe and sound from a really good trip to the Canton Fair in China. 
I must say I faced challenges at every turn mostly dealing 
with the fact I speak/read/write English
 and not Mandarin. 

My trip mantra was,
 " Attitude is the difference between an adventure and an ordeal."
And wow, did I have quite the adventure!

This is a ginormous event held twice a year.
 Asian manufacturers have showrooms big and small
 for the wholesale buyers from all over the world to see their products.

 I can only share photos from the general areas. 
The showrooms are very protective of their goods and I totally understand and
 respect this.

What to eat was a huge ordeal adventure, but McDonald's french fries are good 
wherever you are...

Cheese pizza is not quite the same there, but to a hungry girl it was yummy!

I am glad to be home and my head is spinning with new ideas!

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