Friday, January 9, 2015

Ella on the House Hunt

Mr. Ella and I have decided to find a farm.
 A place where we can go to slow down and escape all of 
the noises and rushing around that the city brings.
A Country Retreat...

I almost talked myself into making an offer on the first property we looked at because I fell in love with the old wallpaper. 
I don't even use much color in my decorating anymore, but the timeworn softness of the faded paper had me at hello.

Layers of the past revealed... 

This old farmhouse is out in the country in the middle of NO where. 
Not a fancy place, but I can just imagine old iron beds dressed in white chenille and cotton curtains blowing in the warm breeze.

A touch of aqua to tug at my heart...


 We had to pass on this one for reasons having absolutely nothing to do with my passion for pretty walls!