Villa Bird is an unexpected style of architecture to find among the countryside of Texas. 
My first visit to the property greeted me with such an amazement of how a structure could so quickly transport me to feel like I was in another country. To feel like I was in a different time. 
Such attention to detail had been given to this home when it was built. 

The ambiance this unique house exudes is one of an old 1920's Spanish Colonial Revival Style. However, it was built in the late 1990's. This was accomplished with the use of repurposed antique elements throughout. Those are qualities that I am thoughtfully contemplating as I plan this renovation.

What to keep. What to update. What to change. 

The charm needs to remain, but also be a home that reflects my family's personalities, 

our needs and how we live.

I hope you join me on this new journey!

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