Monday, October 13, 2008

Lavender Fields Forever

Breathtaking lavender.

Guess where I am in this photo. I am on the the cloud crowned slope of the Haleakala Crater on the Island of Maui. Was that your first guess?

What a treat to walk around and just soak in God's hand at work.

Lavender clumps dotting the hill with the calming clouds above.
My dear hubby down the hill wondering if he can get cell reception and what time it is back home.

It was very tranquil and peaceful looking up the hill.

These are olive trees guarding the parking lot.
So European.

My daughter, Leah, was so excited to see Eucalyptus growing.

They had other flowers blooming besides lavender. The hydrangeas lined a whole walkway.
We saw roses too, but I missed taking their photo.

I think I could work here...


Money Talks said...

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Jo Carol said...

How beautiful!! I have really grown to love lavender and its scent. I can't imagine what it must have smelled like up there! Leah looks so cute and TAN!

Cathy said...


What a breathtaking post. I absolutely Adore lavender. I went to the Norfolk Lavender Farm in England during July one year right before they began Harvesting 200 acres of lavender. What a sight to behold. Thank you for the sweet reminder.

xo Cathy