Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oo Farm

What a day to remember! Before my husband, daughter and I visited the Lavender Farm we spent half a day at Oo Farm just down the road.This farm supplies the upscale Lahaina eateries Pacific'O, I'O and The Feast at Lele with organic produce.
Our table was set for the lunch we would be served later prepared by our own chef with fresh veggies and fruits from the gardens.


Strawberries being grown in the greenhouse.

Leah, my daughter, noticed these flowers matched her polish... Dear Hubby rolled his eyes when we took this photo!

Leah is talking to Louie. He is one of the owners of the Farm and Eateries. They also have a boutique, Maggie Columbe , in Lahaina where Leah works. Louie is telling us about his new espresso machine. He has about ten small coffee trees and was roasting beans while we were there. He invited us to come by after the tour for a cup of espresso. We couldn't wait because the coffee aroma was wonderful!
Louie's Rover. Too cute.

While we were listening for the bell to ring for lunch, we stopped back by and had that exquisite fresh cup of espresso. I am not even a coffee drinker, but I could get used to this... yum!

As I was sipping my cup of joe, I snapped a photo of this old wall. I must say my family thinks I am a little quirky at times.

Our peace was interrupted by the lunch bell. We didn't want to leave the moment, but if we had only known what was in store for us next!

Our lunch was cooked in the nicest outdoor kitchen I think I have ever seen. Especially out in the country.

Our chef finishing up the last minute touches to our meal.
I think I could cook here.
I wish I would have taken more pictures of the meal, but everyone was waiting to dig in.
It was so delicious. I did not want the day to end. The weather started out hot, but as soon as we sat down to eat the breeze turned cool and it felt very Fall-ish.

Okay, being a Diva in the country just doesn't work.

Our view.
I am soo ready to go back.


Jo Carol said...

WOWSIE!!!! What an experience! I loved getting to see what you did! Your posts are always great and so are your pics! Hey, whatever happened with the picture frames you were going to sell on your way home??

Nancy Elaine said...

Why thank you! My frames are in the boutique called Antique Garden in The Shoppes at Brownstone Village Arlington, Texas.