Monday, January 5, 2009

ChiChi Calendars

I just found a fun new word (new to me). I think I will start using and see if it catches on. CHICHI.

Here is what had to say:

ChiChi - pronounced [shee-shee]

affectedly trendy and fashionable

someone who dresses in a trendy fashionable way
elegance by virtue of being fashionable

Origin: 1905–10; French

I thought the calendars pictured below were dressed up so chichi. These creative women have made these advent calendars, but I thought you could have magnets on the months and change it out. Households with children (and children at heart) would enjoy all the quirky ways to form the numbers. I added the link to the sites where I found these.

So, clean out your junk drawer and use your imagination!

Mendy Texas

Teresa McFayden

(Teresa's blog has a tutorial on how to make her calendar.)

Paper Princess

Oh, so Chichi...

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bunnytrails said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE them and want to make some! I always want to make what you have! Just call me copy cat........copy cat! Thanks for sharing! It was fun being with you today. Tell John there are NEW houses in Abilene, too! That ole city slicker John!