Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Texas Bling

I was coming out of the store yesterday and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a sparkling glare coming from the back of an SUV. I turned and saw indeed the most unique Texas license plate frame I had ever seen. I only had my camera phone with me, so the quality of the photo makes it hard to tell how it was made. All around the plate were rhinestones. The thing is, it was very well done. I am not sure how it wasn't gaudy, but it was kind of pretty. Now, I am not saying I would have it on my car, but I might want to hang out with the lady who has the Texas getty-up to pull this off. I was tempted to go back in the store and see if I could spot who I thought matched up with this bling. If only I hadn't bought those two bags of ice I might have a new best friend.

1 comment:

Roxanne said...

Hey girl! How do think that would look on a red truck? Confusing perhaps! Hope to see you soon!